A robot company in Kunshan

Release date:2024-04-11

A robot company in Kunshan is engaged in the manufacturing of industrial robots; Installation and maintenance of industrial robots; Sales of industrial robots; Spray coating processing; General equipment manufacturing; General component manufacturing; Mechanical parts and component processing; During the production and manufacturing process of mechanical parts, a large amount of high salt wastewater is generated. After on-site investigation and research by Yujia Environmental Protection engineers, it is recommended to use the Baihu-C1250 low-temperature evaporation crystallizer. This equipment has a built-in stirring scraper in the distillation kettle, and the moisture content of the residue that is not easy to crystallize and evaporate is as low as 5% -20%. It operates automatically without daily consumables and internal scaling.

Partner: A robot company in Kunshan

Equipment model: Baihu-C1250

Wastewater type: high salt wastewater

Daily processing capacity: 1200L


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