Shenzhen Wanli Technology Co., Ltd

Release date:2024-03-20

Shenzhen Wanli Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development and sales of mobile phone backboards, optical products, optical materials, electronic products, electronic product accessories, rubber boxes, gift boxes, and printed products. In daily production and processing, developer liquid waste is generated, which has complex components and traditional treatment methods are difficult to effectively remove. Yujia Environmental Protection's waste liquid solidification treatment equipment adopts advanced low-temperature distillation technology to concentrate the waste water to a solid state. This treatment method has a short process, and the treatment process does not produce secondary pollution. The treated wastewater only has 3% -6% solid residue, reducing outsourcing treatment costs.

Project Introduction

Partner: Shenzhen Wanli Technology Co., Ltd

Wastewater type: developer waste liquid

Usage model: Vermilion Bird D2000


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