Konka Group (listed company)

Release date:2024-03-20



Konka Group Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development of new energy, renewable resource projects, and environmental protection facilities, as well as the development and production of semiconductor integrated circuits and specialized materials for electronic components. The design, research and development, manufacturing, testing, and packaging of semiconductor integrated circuits and related products generate 500L of new energy wastewater every day during the production and processing process. After multiple communications with the project leader of Konka Group, Yujia Environmental Protection engineers have proposed a wastewater treatment solution, which uses Yujia Environmental Protection Xuanwu A500 low-temperature evaporator to treat wastewater. This solution has been approved by the project leader of Konka Group, and it has been decided to use the solution provided by Yujia Environmental Protection to treat wastewater.

Project Introduction

Partner: Konka Group Co., Ltd

Wastewater type: New energy wastewater

Usage model: Xuanwu A500

Daily processing capacity: 500L


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