Shaanxi Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd

Release date:2024-03-20


Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of precision thread grinding machines invested and built by the state in 1969. It mainly produces a series of products including precision thread grinding machines, machining centers, precision measuring instruments, CNC precision machine tools, and rolling functional components. In daily production, 500L of hardware cutting wastewater is generated every day. After in-depth communication between Yujia Environmental Protection Engineer and the project leader of Hanjiang Machine Tool to understand the wastewater treatment requirements and daily treatment capacity, a low-temperature evaporation equipment for Xuanwu A500 wastewater is customized for Hanjiang Machine Tool production. This equipment has the advantages of short treatment process, low energy consumption, and no consumables. The treated wastewater can be reused to reduce operating costs.

Project Introduction

Partner: Shaanxi Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd

Wastewater type: Hardware cutting fluid wastewater

Usage model: Xuanwu A500

Daily processing capacity: 500L


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