Vietnam Lixun Precision (listed company)

Release date:2024-03-20


Vietnam Lixun Precision produces and operates connecting cables, connectors, computer peripherals, plastic hardware products, and other products. During the production and manufacturing process, 3000L of hardware cleaning wastewater is generated every day. This wastewater contains a large amount of harmful substances such as organic matter, heavy metals, and fats, which are difficult to effectively remove using traditional treatment methods. After multiple communications with the project leader of Lixun Precision, Yujia Environmental Protection Engineer proposed to use low-temperature distillation technology to treat the wastewater. This treatment method uses the energy of a heat pump in a vacuum state to effectively separate harmful substances from water, and the separated water can be reused.

Project Introduction

Collaborator: Vietnam Lixun Precision (listed company)

Wastewater type: Hardware cleaning wastewater

Usage model: Xuanwu A3000

Daily processing capacity: 3000L


Online Message
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